Getting started


Well begun is half done, they say. This also applies to thesis writing and often the first half of the thesis period is spent on academic disciplines that enable you to write the thesis in a satisfactory way. But how do you begin and where do you get the ideas? How do you decide which specific research problem to deal with and how do you formulate it clearly?

This module starts with a lesson about explorative literature search, goes on to problem formulation and finishes with a lesson about meeting your supervisor. In reality thesis work is an iterative process where you jump back and forth between the various stages described..

Your supervisor plays an important role as sparring partner in your initial work when you describe the rationale and write the problem formulation for your thesis. Be aware, that you are the driving force and the more thoroughly you prepare your meetings with your supervisor the greater benefit you get. Be prepared to redo your problem formulation several times! That is the nature of thesis work.