Other useful search tools

Finding literature through reference lists
An excellent source of finding literature for your project is through the reference lists of articles that you have found using the databases mentioned on the previous page. Relevant government reports, books etc. aren’t usually found in the above databases but will be listed in the reference lists.

Google Scholar (scholar.google.com)
Google Scholar provides you a single entry to search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Rather than searching only in the limited information provided in titles, abstracts, etc. Google Scholar searches in the full text of the books, articles etc.

Because of its vast breadth it can be difficult to perform a subject search, as an overwhelming amount of results are shown. However Google Scholar is an excellent tool for procuring references, finding the most highly-cited papers, author searches, etc.

Using your library’s online catalogue
Your university library’s catalogue contains information about many resources books, journals, e-books, databases, etc. Simply log in to access or order the items you need.

Library.dk is the joint library catalogue of all libraries in Denmark. You can order a book from any library in Denmark and have it delivered to you at your university library. Please note that your university library may provide e-books that do not appear in library.dk and can only be found using your university library catalogue.

Google – Google.com
When you search in Google you are searching in documents that anybody can have written, so be especially critical of what you find. You can use Google to find information about research groups, find data sets and sometimes find links to journals from smaller countries which aren’t currently indexed in Google Scholar.


  • You can narrow your Google search by searching: research data repository “global health”.

Test your knowledge on where to search in the following.

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