Literature search: summary

Literature search includes several steps:

Literature search

Define your topic

  1. Formulate questions, main and secondary.
  2. Choose keywords
    Remember synonyms, different languages.
  3. Identify suitable search engines, databases and other online resources
    Which type of information do you want? Journal articles, books, government papers?
  4. Perform your searches
    Set limits such as publication date, geographic restrictions, language and use Boolean terms “AND”, “OR”, “NOT” when you’re searching.
  5. Refine and limit
    Narrow or broaden your search. Find new keywords.
  6. Evaluate your searches
    Be critical. Ask e.g. yourself: Are the sources Reliable and objective, is the article cited, when was the book published? Has the book been published in a newer edition?
  7. Obtain literature
    You can order books and articles from libraries in Denmark or abroad, but it takes time.